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About us

Who We Are

Pak Sim Data is an online platform, which provides you with a search engine for searching the details of any person u need to know. These details include information like the name of the owner, who owns the sim, his/her number, his/her address, and other forms of general details present in the sim database. Our website facilitates these services with ease on the way so anyone can search easily without any inconvenience. We have a broad range of directories related to numbers and details of sim data of all major cities including almost all other cities of Pakistan. Thus, whoever has Pakistan citizenship and has a registered sim, can find them and their details by using Pak Sim Data.

Services offered by Pak Sim Data

You can have the details of the desired person within seconds using the Pak Sim Data website; it is the most reliable source for searching. You can trust blindly on our website, as we always ensure the legal rights for protecting the details of our users by the use of advanced encryption technology. We do protect and preserve the rights of our consumers. If, someone is persisting in using our website, you can look upon our privacy policy for concerns regarding this aspect.

Customer service center

On the other hand, we also provide customer care service for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Therefore, if you are facing any trouble using the website PakSim.Info, we are here to assist you anytime. You can contact us by sending an email, or you can chat online with our representative. They will surely guide you to help in every aspect without any problems.

Our Mission

Pak sim Data's main mission is to provide a quality website for searching the details of persons in an accurate way so they can sort out problems. We provide quality content through our website and valuable service to our users. We also keep the data of our customers or users secured. Thus, you can have the details of the person in which you are interested for personal reasons. On the other hand, one can also check the registration of Sims by their names for handling fraud by their names and many other reasons.

How to search for details?

We provide an easy and simple process to find out details of every citizen of the country Pakistan. By visiting “hammadtv.com”, you just need an internet connected device (mobile phone or pc/laptop). Then choose a tool of interest, and enter the CNIC or phone number of that person. After clicking on “search”, you will have the complete details of that person. Our website is compatible with all the networks that are running throughout Pakistan like Jazz, Zong, Warid, and others.