Pakistan Sim Database

Pakistan Sim Database

Pak Sim Data provides the Pakistan sim database, which comprises of sims information concerning the sims that are issued by mobile operators on different networks. After the issue of a sim, one must register that card from PTA to run it on mobile phones. Thus for approval, you have to provide certain details which become a database by regulatory authorities. One must verify their sim by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). Keeping in view of the misuse of sims (subscriber identity module), PTA just allowed five number of sims against the CNIC of an individual. Generally, it contains the details like sim owner's name, address, mobile number, serial number of the sim card, and CNIC number of the owner.

What is Pakistan Sim Database?

To keep a record book of the sim owner's detail, the mobile network companies and government authorities develop this Pakistan sim database for tracking their customers or to keep an eye on any kind of illegal activity. However, the government authorities related to law and enforcement also use such Pakistan sim database for the investigation of suspects and criminals. Thus, this small hip card is of great use. Every country has its telecommunication authorities for developing database systems for the same reason. It was necessary to lay the foundation of such a database system in order to keep the rules and regulations for using sim cards to restrain activities of fraud and scam.

Pak Sim Data information

This website facilitates citizens of Pakistan, with useful tools for various causes at zero cost. They have an extensive directory of millions of mobile users containing the Pakistan sim Databaset, which is frequently updated to keep their database accurate. So, their users do not face any hurdles in retrieving information. We have designed various multiple tools for keeping this aspect in view and the need of our users.

Need of Pak Sim Data

As we have already mentioned above the need for a Pakistan sim database, however, the person also needs any platform for finding details if required. For example, if someone wants to investigate a person who is annoying them purposely, so if you approach government authority for this cause, it will take weeks or months. Hence, Pak sim data can help you to find information about that annoying person within no time. That is why it is the most selected platform for searching for details of unknown callers.

Moreover, with the increase in the requirement for using mobile phones, the illegal and misuse of sims has also increased. Therefore, Pak sim data provide a search engine for finding information angst those unknown numbers to keep you safe from any kind of fraud. We do an effort to provide the best service for searching reason for the Pakistan sim database. Hence, one can only retrieve information just for Pakistani mobile numbers. Furthermore, our system supports all mobile network operators for fetching information.

How to search for details?

We provide an easy and simple process to find out details of every citizen of the country Pakistan. By visiting “”, you just need an internet connected device (mobile phone or pc/laptop). Then choose a tool of interest, and enter the CNIC or phone number of that person. After clicking on “search”, you will have the complete details of that person. Our website is compatible with all the networks that are running throughout Pakistan like Jazz, Zong, Warid, and others.

Search Engine Tools by Pak Sim Data

We have designed many search tools for regaining different kinds of information. One can search, just by entering an 11-digit mobile number or CNIC number of that person. We have developed our search process very easily without any complications of understanding. You do not need to pay any cost for using one of our search engine services. These are completely free to use within all of Pakistan.

Sim owner’s Detail

Are you fed up with nameless callers? Then you have to choose the right platform for you to disclose information about that unknown person. Pak Sim Data offers to reveal the sim owner's detail with such an easy method. We provide you with details of that sim owner's detail like the name of the owner, contact details for that person, CNIC number, address, and many other general brief descriptions. However, the Pakistan sim database keeps records of this information in the sim module. Can I search multiple times for the sim owner's detail? Yes, Pak Sim Data does not set any limitations for searching for their users. You can search as many times for multiple numbers as you required.

Live Tracker Sim Information

This feature of live tracker for Pakistan sim databases allows you to find out details of the sim owner and its location quickly. It is a powerful tool, with incredible features for their users by Pak Sim Data. To keep our databases accurate and reliable, we do keep updating them. Pak sim data has made their navigation search function friendly user without any complications for their users. One can have additional information by using Live Tracker facilitated by Pak Sim data. Furthermore, intelligence agencies can also use Pakistan Sim Database to catch criminals or to investigate suspects for illegal activities. Is the live tracker database secure? Yes, Pak Sim Database provides completely a secure way to search for Live Tracker services.

CNIC Information System

The Pakistan Sim Database gives additional features as it stores information that includes CNIC (Civil National Identity Card) for an individual. This characteristic allows to storage database for CNIC to track or for other causes. Pak Sim Data provides an offer for finding out details about the CNIC card of an individual. The prime advantage of developing the Pakistan Sim Database is that aligning of CNIC data of individuals safely at a place. Thus, you can access easily details if needed at any place from anywhere in Pakistan.

What kind of information do the Pakistan Sim Database stores? It usually stores data that includes general perception detail for an individual, like their name, CNIC card number, and address as well. How can I check details from the Pakistan sim database? Firstly, always make sure that the number for which you are looking for information purposes should be PTA registered. Pak Sim Data designs their website in such a way that you do not need the training to use it. You just have to enter certain details to retrieve information about that person.


From above mention description, it can be concluded that in this modern era of technology, one just needed a way to sort out problems like misuse of Sims. Thus, Pakistan Sim Database develops a system to control criminal activities and fraud by using sim. Hence, Pak Sim Data is the source that provides various services at zero cost to pay. They run their services for search engines all over Pakistan and do support all mobile network operators with user-friendly websites ( On the other hand, Pak sim data also preserves rights for their user's information from being leaked and also one must use the provided information for legal use only.