Number Tracker

Pak sim Data provides a powerful tool “Number tracker” for tracking any number in Pakistan. Our web directory provides updated information for the number tracker one can have the latest version of details. How does it work? It uses advanced technology to provide results quickly to provide information associated with the sim number. One just has to put the number in a search bar and press submit, and instantly you will receive results on your screen. The information includes the name of the sim owner, address, CNIC number, and other details. Pak Sim Data gives the opportunity to avail of the service “Number Tracker” free of cost for all citizens of Pakistan.

How to check details for “Number Tracker” by Pak Sim Data?

By using our info tool for number tracker, one can easily track numbers for any network operator. Pak Sim Data designs their interface for easy use for their users, so anyone can access these tolls without downloading or installing any other requirements for Tracking Details .

Open the Pak Sim Data website

Using any browser, type the official address for Pak sim Data in the URL space then enter. We have set very simple criteria for using our website for info tools.

Enter Mobile Number or CNIC for “Number Tracker”

In the second step, you have to choose “Number Tarcker” on the home page and enter the number or CNIC for tracking details against any number for any network operator.

Click on “Submit” for further proceeding

Then click or button “search”, on this website will start to search from their database to provide you with the most accurate and updated from fo information of your interest.

Results will appear

After a few moments result will be shown o your device’s screen providing you with all the needed information for the number tracker service without wasting your time and effort.

Ultimate Goal for Number Tracker

The ultimate goal of Pak sim Data for using the Number Tracker tool is to provide information that includes tracking a person’s number for locating that includes the country, mobile number, CNIC number, and other connected details with the person.

Prominent features of Pak Sim Data

Our online platform for the sim database is designed by keeping in view needs of our users, we have a wide range of tracking tools for our users, these include “a live tracker, person tracker, number tracker, and many more options for our website users. Thus they can use them without any limitations for search causes at any time. By using tracking tools when one searches for the name of the owner who has issued the sim, and the national identity card number of that individual, finding the location of the person's “address” has been included in these details, it also provides information about network operator that is in use of that person, number details (status of activation or deactivation along with date of issuing sim card).

Why choose Pak Sim Data for “Number Tracker”?

There are various reasons for choosing our free platform to use as a search engine within Pakistan. We always try our best to provide the latest sim databases so our users can have the most advanced information in front of them for sorting out their problems.

Privacy of our user's priority

We strictly respect our user's and client's information y proving protection and security. We do not have third-party involvement, thus ensuring the safety of our user's details from using our info tools. On the other hand, we also impose strict actions for using our database information for any illegal activity.

Use our info tools Nationwide

Pak sim Data support and are compatible with all mobile network operators or telecom operators in Pakistan (Zong, Jazz, Ufone, Warid, and Telenor). Thus one can use a number tracker for any mobile number. In addition, you can access our info tools from anywhere in Pakistan including all big and small cities.

Trusted by thousands of clients

Across Pakistan, Pak Sim Data

is the most trusted online search engine tool by thousands of users because of their services and prominent feature the easy interface. We provide accurate sources of sim databases online for our users to seek help for verifying the details of the sim owner, tracking reasons, and many other options.

Customer support center

We always provide customer care service 24/7 to our users, so they are free to contact us through email or the online portal anytime. Our representatives are available 24 hours to guide you in every possible way.


From the above discussion, it is concluded that by using number tracker, one can easily trace out numbers for an individual in a very simple way provided by the Pak Sim Data website online. Thus one does not need any charge to pay and will get results instantly just by entering the CNIC or mobile number of the person, within seconds you will see results appear on your screen. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly interface, thus beginners can easily use our info tools without any technical training or knowledge.