Sim Data Online

With the increase in the digital era technology, the use of mobile phones become essential for every person. On the other hand, as the use of cell phones made revolutionary changes in daily life, it also becomes a source of various troubles like misuse of sims for fraud purposes, etc. Thus every country’s Telecom authority develops such a system to protect citizens against this misuse of sims for scams. However, In Pakistan PTA provides sim data online and regulates the database of all the sims (all network operators) that one issues against their CNIC card number, to keep their records. Thus, it minimizes the rate of crimes associated with the use of mobile phones.

What is Sim Database online?

PTA is a government organization that stores all the tracks of sim owners' detail that are registered through this authority. Moreover, this database includes all information that includes the name of the owner, mobile number (along with network operator), address of the owner, Identity card number (CNIC), and more sim related issues. Alternatively, Pak Sim Data is a website that also provides sim data online, free of cost more simply and conveniently. Thus, any individual or organization can access the sim data online through Pak Sim Data.

What is the procedure to Check Sim Data Online?

Following are the ways by which you can access sim data online.

By use of Sim system Information online

You can check sim data online, by using the sim information online portal, to reveal the person behind unknown callers. Thus, you easily retrieve information for an individual by use of sim data online. You just have to follow the below guidelines. Pak Sim Data provides a web directory for an online info tool for searching details of sim owners so one can easily disclose the person. But one must use this data for legal causes.

  1. Enter website address ( at URL of any browser and enter.
  2. On the home page, you need to select an option for “Sim Data online” and press “enter”
  3. Then add the number or CNIC is the given specie and press “Submit”
  4. After a while, you will receive the sim owner detail in tabular form, containing all the information associated with that sim from sim data online.
  5. If you want to search for another number, then repeat the procedure.
Use of Live Tracker tool by Pak Sim Data

Pak Sim Data also provides an invaluable useful tool for our users. One can use a number tracker and a person tracker for the use of tracking. Thus, by using a live tracker you can search for your lost mobile phones or to block stolen sims. On the other hand, a person tracker can be used for tracking an individual location. These tools are very interactive and also based on sim data online.

  1. Open the browser on your device and enter the official website address for Pak Sim data and press enter.
  2. Choose an option for “Live Tracker”.
  3. Type CNIC or mobile number in the given field and press “Search”.
  4. You will get results within a few moments after submitting.

Advantages of checking Sim Data Online

An official way to check sim data is through any government authority that regulates the database of sim owner details. However, this procedure is lengthy and will take a few days or even a month to proceed. In addition, you will also need some resources and money to retrieve the sim owners' detail from the government platform. Alternatively, the most easiest and simpler way to check sim data online is through the online platform of “Pak Sim Data”. They provide the most authentic and accurate way to check sim data online free of cost all over Pakistan. Thus, it’s a time saver platform to use for info tools. One can check sim data online from any city in Pakistan without exerting any effort.

One can use sim data online for verifying detail against their CNIC or mobile number details, so one can check their sim details to keep them prevent form any kind of fraud. Similarly, you can also use sim data online to find out details of unknown callers, who are continuously irritating you with their texts or calls. It can also be used by small and larger business entities, as to keep track of their employees or workers and to retrieve details for their customers as well. It is the best tool to reveal mobile scammers thus one can keep themselves safe from the misuse of sims or mobile phones illegal actions.


In conclusion, Pak Sim Data provides a real-time solution for sim data online that is a very useful and powerful info tool for citizens. As one does not have to pay for using their search engine. One can access crucial information connected to sim owner details. You can easily access to sim cardholder's name, address, CNIC card number, issuing date of the sim, and status of the sim, by use of a live tracker, you can also locate a person or their number. Besides that, Pak Sim Data does not set any limitations for their users which means you can search for as many times as you needed. In addition, they have designed their websites in such a way, that one does need to learn for using our info tools.