Check Sims ON CNIC

A government organization PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) organizes and manages all data regarding telecommunication in Pakistan. Why was there a need to develop such a system? As with the increase in the use of the mobile phone to access everyone cheaper, a need arouses for developing a system that will control all the stuff. Thus, in the 2000s Foundation of this system was laid down to control the misuse of mobile phones for the cause of fraud and scam calls. The main purpose was to keep the record of all sim database online, so one can track suspicious callers, criminals, and suspects easily.

After the era of 2000, the number of cellular users in Pakistan increases significantly. Then there was a much need for developing a resource that will digitalize the sim database online for ease. Then in 2009, PTA designs an advanced feature system to store the sim database online for the increasing rate of cellular subscribers. Hence, one can access this sim database online for the use of finding details against any number in Pakistan. On the other hand, Pak Sim Data provides this option for retrieving the sim database through their web directory free of cost for citizens of Pakistan.

All you want to know about “Sim”

Sim is known to be a subscriber identity module that is a part of the Global telecommunication system, which keeps the data of the subscriber. It is a small chip card that a subscriber inserts in the cell phone's given place, as it is handy to use. Moreover, one needs to get register their sim card from PTA before using it through a CNIC card. They are mobile operated by different networks running in Pakistan. These are Jazz, Zong, Warid, Ufone and Telenor. Hence, Pak Sim Datat supports all the GSM operators of Pakistan, thus anyone can approach their services, as all networks are compatible with their search engine. Now, let's take a look at other details for check sims on CNIC

How many Sims is allow of an individual CNIC?

Yes, PTA has allowed a limited number of sims against a single CNIC card for controlling or misuse of sims across Pakistan. Hence, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has allowed only five numbers sim per individual. Let's take an insight that how to check sims on CNIC. Moreover, Pak Sim Data also helps you with CNIC system information, thus one can find out details against any number in Pakistan. You just need to enter your mobile number or CNIC to retrieve information for that mobile number.

How to Check Sims on CNIC?

Here we are going to discuss how you can check sims on CNIC. One must be aware of the number of sims issued on your CNIC to keep yourself protected from any fraud. Generally, there are two ways, one is to check the sim on CNIC via the website or through a text message, and both are explained below.

Check Sims on CNIC through the website

Enter PTA’s website address in the URL search bar of any browser and press enter. You have to enter your CNIC card number into the given field and press, “submit”, within a few minutes you will have details of the sims that have been registered through your CNIC number in a tabular form. This table will have details of all the sims. One can also find details of unknown callers on their mobile numbers by Pak sim data.

Check Sims on CNIC through Sms

Follows the below given steps to find out details to check sims on CNIC via sending a text message from your mobile phone to any network operator. Moreover, PTA charged 2 pkr+tax for this service to check sims on CNIC. Further, the accuracy of this information relies on the verification process and biometric verification of sims.

  • On your mobile phone, open a sms sending window.
  • Now, type your CNIC in provided space along with hyphens.
  • Then send this text to “668”
  • After fewer seconds you will receive a text message that will contain detailed information about active sims against your CNIC card number along with the network operators of those sims.
Biometric verification of Sim card

One must need to do biometric verification of the sim to avoid blocking. For this reason, after buying a sim card you need to verify it from PTA and do biometric verification to avoid any inconvenience.

This system for biometric verification has been connected to the NADRA organization of Pakistan, as all the data regarding CCNIC is authorized by this government regulatory authority. Moreover, the following are the aspects that are regulated by this system.

  • Activation or buying of a new sim card
  • For obtaining a duplicate sim (in case of a lost mobile or broken sim card)
  • For changing or transferring ownership of a sim card
  • MNP (mobile number portability)
  • For the purpose of re-verification of the sim card
To check the sim owners detail

If you want to find details of an unknown caller number for the sim owner's detail, then Pak Sim Data is the best resource for disclosing the name of the sim owner. It is a cheaper source for checking the name of the sim owner. Alternatively, you can also check the sim owner's name by following the number through mobile network services, which charged an amount for providing details. Further, this system is PTA approved for knowing the sim owner's name.

  • Open sms window on your cell phone
  • Send an empty text to “667”
  • Within a few seconds, you will receive a text containing the name of the sim owner and other additional details.
How to block unnecessary Sims registered on your CNIC?

After getting complete information on how to check Sims on CNIC, there is a need to block unused or extra Sims issued against your CNIC. Following are the steps to follow for blocking registered Sims.

  • For the deactivation of registered Sims against your CNIC, one needs to visit the nearby franchise or customer care service center of the mobile network operator for which the sim has been issued.
  • Then, you will fill out a form and need to show your original CNIC card for the deactivation process.
  • Then you have to submit that form along with three photocopies of your CNIC.

However, this process will take some time or maybe hours to be completed.


However, we have explained the whole procedure of how to check Sims on CNIC. After reading this article, you will be able to learn to check sims on CNIC through the use of the PTA website or by sending sms via mobile phone. In addition, you will also learn about the sim owner's detail by using of Pak Sim Data website, which provides a free search engine for finding CNIC system information as well. Moreover, you will also learn about biometric verification of your sim card along with how to deactivate extra unused registered sim cards on your CNIC .