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Are you looking for a source to find out details of your mobile number? Do you want to search for sim owner detail from some authentic place? Here's the answer” Pak sim Data” is one of the best ultimate sources for Pak Data, it provides multiple features for the search engine. Pak Sim Data facilitates with most comprehensive web directories for users to avail of Pak Data without any hassle. Pak Data provided by Pak Sim Data supports all the running mobile network operators. Thus every citizen of Pakistan using any sim of whichever network can avail service of search engine for Pak Data.

Why “Pak Sim Data”?

Pak Sim Data is a valuable search info tool for all Pakistani citizens which helps you to disclose sim owners' details. You can search for information like the name of the owner, the address of the sim owner, their CNIC card number, and much other possible information associated with the sim card. Thus choosing Pak Sim Data proves to be convenient for you, as you can find various tools in one place with an easy user interface. Pak Sim Data provides you with all information regarding the sim owner without interfering privacy of others. However, all Pak Data associated with sim card holders are managed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to regulate the details for keeping a record of all citizens.

CNIC System Information Pakistan

The Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is issued to citizens by the government regulatory authority “NADRA (National Database And Registration Authority)”. Citizens of Pakistan use this identity card to prove their identiy officially. Children above 18 years must access NADRA to issue their national ID cards. This CNIC card includes the personal information to whom it is associated, that is the name of the individual, home address, father’s or husband's name, picture person, thumb impression, and also the signature of that person. Moreover, one’s who are above 18, require this CNIC card for various purposes like getting admission at university levels, for bank accounts, or various other uses. You also need to verify your sim card by Pak Data with this CNIC card from PTA.

Information for Sim owners in Pakistan

As with the increase in use of mobile phones back in the 2000s, a need arose to develop a system to control the misuse of sims. Thus PTA develops Pak Data to store all the information associated with sim owners' detail to track and track individuals to control fraud and scam related to the use of unregistered sims. Furthermore, one can use this Pak Data for personal use, it can also be used by business organizations for keeping an update of records for their customers and workers and this Pak Data is much more important for government authorities to keep a check on criminals and suspects.

Thus PTA introduced a centralized system for verification of all sim by all network operators in Pakistan with their sim owners' details with biometric (fingerprint impressions) verification of sim card holders. Thus, making it compulsory for every buyer to verify their sim for use to keep strict protection for mobile users. Hence, can not use the sim without the process of verification from PTA. Therefore, this step of verification for all by PTA makes Pakistan among one of those countries that gives more secure ways for mobile users by Pak Data. On the other hand, PTA also keeps a regularly updated database for sim Pak Data, with advancements ensuring a safe environment for mobile owners and telecom companies from around the world to operate.

Find Number Details| By Pak Sim Data

Pak Sim Data provides online Pak Data services for finding sim owners' detail for any mobile network from sitting in any city of Pakistan without any effort. Thus, using our website ( sets easy criteria for their users to find details against any mobile number. You just have to enter certain details like the mobile number or CNIC card number in a given field, and after a few moments, you will have your required details. One of the best features of our online service info tools is that we don charge a single rupee for our tools, thus providing a time and money saver search engine for everyone in Pakistan. Pak Sim Data is an accurate and authentic way for searching Pak Data to retrieve information for any mobile number in no time.

Sim System Information

Are you facing trouble finding information fo sim card number? No, need to worry, Pak Sim Data, provides an online sim database to search details for any sim. We have developed a user-friendly interface, so no one needs any training or prior knowledge to use our info tools. Pak Sim Data, regularly updates their system for Pak Data, thus ensuring our users give the latest updates for all sim owners' detail with 100% accuracy. Hence, we are providing “Sim Checker” tool to search all the information connected to that sim card holder. That information includes the name of the owner, address, CNIC number, status of the sim, and many more details provided by that individual.


From above mentioned details , one can conclude that Pak Sim Data provides the best source for finding d=sim owners' details only for legal use. As one can easily find out details of their desired number for finding individuals behind unknown callers, or also for verification of sims. On the other hand, you can also use it to find out information or the number of sims associated with your own mobile sim card to check on any illegal activity