Pak Sim Data

Our website Pak Sim Data provides multiple-purpose tools in one place for all Pakistani citizens. These search info tools include a sim database online, CNIC system information, a Live tracker (includes more options), and many more tools inside each field. Thus providing uses a wide range of search engine tools. We are compatible with all the mobile networks running in Pakistan thus facilitating every Pakistani to avail of our search engine services. It is a very helpful tool, as one can easily access to details of the sim owner without doing any formalities to access through any government organization.

What is Sim Database?

This sim system information is an online service maintained by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in order to develop a record of all sim users in Pakistan to minimize the rate of fraud and misuse of sims for illegal activities. Alternatively one can also retrieve information for unknown numbers details by using Pak Sim Data. Now, one can easily disclose the person behind those unwanted calls on your mobile number. PTA launched this Pak sim Data system for sim information back in the 2000s, with an increase in frauds related to the misuse of sims. Thus, making it compulsory for everyone to get their sims registered by PTA before use. They also intruded biometric verification of sims thus ensuring full security for mobile users.

How Does Pak Sim Data Work?

For finding details for sim system information, follows the below guidelines. Pak Sim Data design a search engie software with a simple interface to use for users. So anyone can use it conveniently without any effort. First of all find a sim number that is inserted on the back of a sim card (a 13-digit number, it is a unique code specific to a sim. Then send sms to “688” with the sim code number. Shortly, after a few moments, you will receive a text, with all the sim owners' details in tabular form.

How can you use Pak sim Data?

Our search engine provides very useful data, as we have a comprehensive web directory. That proves to be useful in the following ways.

Disclosing unknown callers

What to do, if you receive a text or continuous calls from an unknown person? Hence, Pak sim data provides an online platform to reveal information associated with individuals' sim cards.

For blocking lost & stolen sim cards

If you lost your mobile phone, then you must block your lost sim card so no one can use your sim for any illegal purposes. Thus, Pak sim data provide a platform to block your lost sim card.

Verification of Sim

You can also use Pak sim Data for verification of sims by sim system information in case you have bought used sim cards or mobile phones, thus getting details of the owner.

Live Tracker tool by Pak Sim Data

We also provide various range of tracking tools for our users. It is a quicker way to locate a person or number Tracker. One just has to put in a CNIC or mobile number to retrieve details for the live tracker. Anyone can use our live tracker tolls across Pakistan free of cost. It provides an invaluable tool for accessing the location of the person thus helping in finding out the individual. It provides a secure way for searching through Pak sim Data.

How to check sim details via Pak Sim Data?

To get sim details against any network in Pakistan, visit our website, which provides information conveniently and simply accessible to you.

  1. Visits our official website for Pak Sim Data
  2. and choose your required search engine tool
  3. Enter the mobile number (11-digit) or CNIC number in the given field.
  4. Now press “Submit” to retrieve information
  5. After a few seconds, results will appear in front of your screen.

Limitations for Pak Sim Data

Besides facilitating so many features with a wide range of info tools, Pak sim Data also set some limitations, following are explained below

Availability of Data

One can have access to limited information associated with sim details, in order to keep the privacy of others protected. Sometimes, you may also get some inaccuracy in sim owners' details, because of the unavailability of an updated database.

Legal Concerns

Sometimes you will be provided just basic sim owners' details, because of legal constraints and limited restrictions for this cause.


The above summary concluded that Pak sim data facilitates with most powerful tools with a wide range of variety for info tools. Moreover, it can use by any individual in Pakistan, similarly, business organizations can also avail services of these tools freely. You can easily use these tools, one just has to follow very simple steps to find details regarding the use of sim. One can retrieve information by entering the mobile number or CNIC of an individual. However, one must be kept in mind that this information must be use for legal purposes only.