Live Tracker

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Live Tracker

The live tracker sim information is an online platform that allows you to locate information against any mobile number. But these numbers for whom you are searching information must be registered by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). Pak sim data also provides an option for a live tracker tool, through which you can do verification of the sim’s owner, can track their sims location, and also helpful for fraudulent movements. It is a very useful tool for businesses, independent individuals, and government regulatory authorities for law enforcement in Pakistan.


However, it also provides options like the network operator of that sim, the status of the sim whether it is active or deactivated, the date of activation for that sim, as well as the location of the sim. It is a very friendly user for everyone, you just need to enter a mobile number that comprises 11 digits, and as a result, you will have all the detailed information regarding that sim mobile number. It is very helpful for those people, who are continuously disturbed by unknown callers on their mobile phones, thus by using this feature you can trace those unknown people easily. Therefore, the website aims to provide this tool for the easiness of their country’s citizens freely.

Brief Introduction | Live Tracker Sim Information system

To check the location and status of any sim, which are PTA registered, this system of live tracker information gives you a real-time approach database. It is safe and secure to use this tool via Pak sim data, as they ensure to keep the privacy of their customer's details. It can also be use for tracking and trace for stolen mobile phones. It will help you to find the location of your phone, the operator network, and also the network connection which has been in use on your mobile phone. Hence, one can find their lost mobile phones easily.

Working plan of Live Tracker Sim Information

Hence, to track the location of mobile phones, the database system for live tracker information works on a capturing signaling system generated by networks running on those phones. Thus, making connections by use of this network signal with the mobile device and network center. Additionally, it also informs you about the status of the phone, whether is it activated or deactivated by the user. Hence, Pak sim data provide you with this service in the most advanced way without charges to all citizens of Pakistan.

When someone uses the service for live tracker Pak sim data , for tracking mobile numbers, the whole system sends a message to the mobile network center for allowing them to retrieve information concerning that mobile number. Then afterward, that network responds as a result of this activity providing information for the location of the required mobile number along with other necessary details (like network operator and kind of network connection).

Am I allowed to track any mobile number using Live Tracker?

The answer to the above question is “Yes”. You can easily trace and track any mobile number with any kind of operator network by using a live tracker offered by Pak Sim Data, free of cost. However, this service only works for those mobile numbers, which are PTA registered.

Why choose Pak sim data for using Live Tracker

No need for installation

One of the advantages to use is that there is no need for any preparation before using their services. That means no need to install special software o use live tracker or other options. One just needs to enter a mobile number for using the live tracker for sim information.

Compatible with all networks

Another best feature provided by Pak Sim data includes that it is compatible with all the networks running in Pakistan. It supports all network operators by providing a database for owner details.

Address for sim’s owner

One can also find accurate addresses against any mobile number. Pak Sim Data regularly updates their system, so you are always provided with a fresh database without any inconvenience.

No limitations for searchers

Pak Sim Data, set no boundaries for their users, so they can use their services without any sort of restrictions and limitations. One can search as many times as they want to use live tracker, sim information, CNIC information, and many more.

How to use Live Tracker Sim Information

One just needs to search for using any browser, then go to “live tracker”, where you just have to enter the correct mobile number for which you required information from the database. You will get results containing information that includes the name of the sim owner, her/his address, and exact location.

Live Tracker by use of CNIC

One can also locate by using the CNIC of that person for retrieving details from the Pak sim database. It also helps for verification of that mobile number. One does not need any technical expertise in the use of this live tracker system. But this system only allows for those numbers that are registered and running in Pakistan only. Moreover, this database works with the alignment of NADRA (National Database And Registration Authority), which is a government regulatory organization.

Is it Reliable to Use Live Tracker?

Hence, Pak sim data provides citizens for using live tracker sim information, but one must thing always keep in mind, it may not always predict accurate information. Because this database system collects its information from various sources so they may get little, vary from the original. But it is always not true for every case. It is reliable to a wide extent for the purpose of tracking and tracing. On the other hand, Pak Sim Data does not allow you to use their data for illegal activities. This system is designed just with the aim to provide useful resources for citizens for helping them in various ways.


Live Tracker revolutionized our lives as it provides the capability to track and trace unknown callers and for lost mobile phones. Pak sim data website provides this service for live tracker information free of cost. It comes with user-friendly users so that anyone can use it without prior knowledge to avail of its service. One just needs to visit a reliable resource and has to provide certain information and you will acquire your desired results. It has many advantages as one can also use it for their business cause, to keep records and track their customer and employees' data. However, Pak sim data also keep and protect the legal rights of their users by providing a privacy policy regarding the use of their services. One can use Live Tracker either by using a mobile number or the CNIC of the citizen of Pakistan. Additionally, they also provide their users to search without imposing any limitations on the “number of searches”. Thus Pak sim data is the most reliable to use.