Sim Information System

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Sim Information System

What is a Sim Information system? If someone wants to check details by using the sim’s information, you just need a phone number to enter any reliable playroom to retrieve details. This information includes the name, address, and location of the owner. Pak Sim Data is a reliable source whom you can trust. If you want to search for received a call or text from an unknown number? Then you must choose our search engine “Pak Sim Data” which provides more effect and easier process. Or if someone lost their cell phone and they need to block it? Then the Sim Information system is the best way to sort out these problems. It is a very useful way.

The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) developed a “Sim Information System” for the ease of citizens. It helps people to find out data for the required person in the most easy way. You can look for any sim details in country Pakistan. However, this system was introduced back in 2009, by looking at the crime rates (terrorism, kidnapping, etc) regarding misuse of sims. The Sim information system is a database having information about the owner’s name, address, and ID card number. Hence, anyone can know the details just by sending a text message to 688.

Brief introduction | Sim Card

Sim is the abbreviation of “subscriber identity module”. It is a smart hip that contains the all data regarding the subscribers who registered it through the sim information system, by PTA in the country Pakistan. It is a part of global system that connects with GSM ( Mass communication). Further, there are a total of four GSM that are currently running in Pakistan, these are Jazz, Warid, Zong, and Ufone.

How many sims a subscriber can register on CNIC

According to strictly set rules, a single person can only register for five sims against his/her CNCC card number at a time by PTA. However, if you want to register more numbers, then you have to deactivate the previous one from your CNIC.

How does Sim Information System work for you?

A Sim Information system, in a search engine, is an online system that helps you to search for the details of the registered sims in Pakistan for the sake of good only. The users can easily retrieve the whole information of the sim’s owner just by entering 11 digit phone number of that sim in a system. However, Pak Sim Data is the best online platform for this cause. Moreover, it is run with the help of stored data of registered sims in Pakistan by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). Furthermore, for the convenience of citizens, PTA regularly updated their database system so you can access the newly updated information including the information of the sim’s owner.

The following are the most important aspects of a Sim Information System:

  • This system is an online-based search engine that facilitates only registered sim data of Pakistani citizens.
  • Just by entering an 11-digit number of the phone number of any network, you can have the results for the registered sim owner’s information in detail.

Hence, all the provided database is maintained by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority)of all the registered sims for all networks with 100% accurate information on the personal details of that person.

What is the importance of developing a Sim Information System?

There was a need to develop such a system because of many reasons, for providing the details of registered sims against a number in an authentic way that can be approachable to every citizen of Pakistan. Thus the Sim information system provides an option for every citizen of Pakistan to access the details of unknown numbers that annoy or disturbed them, in addition, you can also look for the number of sims registered against your ID card. It also helps to get prevented any kind of fraud or crime part as you can easily verify the sim registration through this system. Pak Sim data provides additional user-friendly features for you. The following are the three main key features of the Sim information system:

  • It allows you to verify or confirm the authenticity of sim cards, which are registered through PTA in Pakistan.
  • It facilitates you with an efficient and simpler way to check whether the sim details for whom you are searching are registered or not with PTA.
  • It provides security and protection against any illegal activities or fraud regarding the use of sim cards.

What sort of information you can search by Sim Information System?

By using of Sim information system, you can look for the following personal details of the sim owner, hence Pak Sim Data is the best-rated website for this purpose to find out details against registered sim card holders in all Pakistan’s cities.

  • Name of the sim card owner
  • CNIC number of that sim card holder through which it has been verified by PTA
  • The address of the sim card owner
  • Status of sim whether it is active or inactive

Furthermore, this information provided by the Sim information system must be used for verification purposes not for other personal causes. The following is the main information that one can search for:

  • This online system provides you with personal information of registered sims in the whole of Pakistan
  • Users can receive the data that includes the name, address, CINI MNO, and other sorts of details through a sim information system
  • The most important is that you can use that details only for the cause of verification and not for any other reasons

Procedure to find out the sim’s owner

The following is the simple stepwise method for finding details of any registered sim through the sim information system by Pak Sim Data:

  • Firstly, open the text message system on your mobile phone
  • To send a message at 668 with a blank text
  • Afterward, you will receive a message containing details of the sim from whom the message has been sent

How to check how many sims are registered on your CNIC?

However, to check the number of sims registered in your CNIC, you just have to send an empty text with network code 688, and within seconds you will receive the whole details against your CNIC and sim registered via your ID card. Hence, the Pak sim data website gives you all the features for all these aspects freely.

How do use Sim Information System on your mobile phone?

To use this simple online platform, first of all, you need to know about the sim to whom you have to need details. Pak sim data website provides you with service for real-time tracking for any sim owner all over Pakistan. Users can easily retrieve the details using Pak sim data, just by providing the mobile number or CNIC of that person. This system provides you the comprehensive information regarding the sim’s owner. It will guide every perspective most efficiently so the customers can use it more friendly. This website provides you with confidential status for requiring these details with all the safety measures to keep the user's data safe and sound.

Moreover, this sim information system is free of cost to use by users without any charges to pay throughout Pakistan. Therefore, subscribers can easily go to the sim information system, and search for details against any number without any cost. But one thing should be kept in mind, when someone sends a text message via using the network, you will be charged for that text for sims by PTA. Hence, by using a sim information system, you can identify the unknown callers on you who are continuously irritating you on your mobile phones, it will help for stolen sims or for blocking purposes, as well.

Limitations for sim information system

However, this system has a lot of advantages but on the other hand, it also has some limitations, some of which are explained below

  • This online system provides you with personal information of registered sims in the whole of Pakistan
  • Users can receive the data that includes the name, address, CINI MNO, and other sorts of details through a sim information system
  • The most important is that you can use that details only for the cause of verification and not for any other reasons