CNIC Tracker

CNIC is a computerized national identity card for those who are 18 or above, issued by NADRA. Which is an independent organization It is an identity card for citizens of Pakistan. It is used for various purposes thus one must contact NADRA for issuing their identity card. It contains all the details like name, father or husband name, age, date of birth, address signature, and thumb impressions of a person for various biometric verification. In addition, it has a special 13-digit number that is issued specifically against a CNIC of an individual. You cannot use a sim until you get verification of your new sim card by CNIC through PTA. Thus it is very essential for daily use life.

Pak Sim Data provides a Live tracker with various tools for tracking, which includes a person tracker, sim tracker, CNIC tracker, location tracker, and many more options. They are paid tools that means one does not need to buy any subscription to use one of these tools. All these live tracker tools are developed with the mission to provide an authentic way for tracking and tracing. They are all connected with the sim database online developed by Pak sim data, thus one has the most accurate source for the CNIC tracker. It provides real-time data associated with the sim card and its usage. By use of this tool, you can easily monitor the location of the sim connected to the mobile phone, the person's movement, and location, etc.

How Does “CNIC Tracker” works for You?

You simply just need to enter the 13-digit code of CNIC in a given space, to retrieve information against that number, which provides crucial details associated with that CNIC card. Pak sim data provides this tool “CNIC tracker” completely free to use without imposing any limitations for searching. CNIC is a special card that is allocated to an individual by NADRA that proves your Pakistani nationality. You just need to follow a simple procedure for issuing a CNIC card with minor criteria for proceeding.

On the other hand, Pak Sim Data develops this tool after taking the review of keen interest in their user's advice for searching information regarding the CNIC of a person. Thus, the CNIC tracker proves to be a useful tool for users. Hence, if you are fed up with being taken by unknown calls or threats by those unknown people, this tool for CNIC Tracker will be a very powerful tool for exposing those people. Keeping in view this point, Pak sim data adds the CNIC tracker info tool to their website for helping or making citizens' life easier.

Pak Sim Data allows every individual or corporate entity to use CNIC Tracker for the purpose of finding details connected to CNIC cards for the sim database online. We will assure you to provide a maximum of their information with a 100% accuracy rate. We managed our data to collect from the most authentic sources thus eliminating the chance of any error in the sim database online. We managed to provide you with a friendly user platform for retrieving details for the CNIC tracker. Additionally, one can use our tools unlimited in a day without setting any conditions for searching.

Information | Retrieve by using “CNIC Tracker”

With the use of our CNIC Tracker, the following type of details you will get in the results

Full Name: After entering the 13-digit code of the CNIC card into the given field, the first information that you will receive is the full name of that person whose identity card number has been entered.

Mobile Number: The second source of information you get is the mobile number of that individual that is verified through that CNIC card. If several Sims are registered via that CNIC, you will get details of all mobile numbers along with network operators for those numbers on your screen. This information will be helpful in the case of those who have received threats from unknown people to call them and inform them about their details, to stop them from further teasing.

Home Address: The third most important detail that you will get is the address of that individual mentioned in CNIC, thus you can reach that person easily. Thus, you can get live geolocation by using CNIC Tracker. Hence, one can easily take any action against the person for protection from authorities.

Advantages of using CNIC Tracker

Following are the advantages of using our info tool “CNIC Tracker”

Secure way

Whenever you think of using an online platform for search engines, you must think of some reliable source, Thus Pak sim data provides a reliable way to access the sim database online to access the web directory. As it comprises very sensitive details of the person, hence we ensure to provide protection for our database. Thus, no one can make use of our data for illegal purposes as we do take strict action against those people.

Similarly, we also provide encryption technology for our user information as well to provide them with a secure environment for use of the online service platform.

Required no Installation procedure

For using our info tools, one does not need to set up installation procedures for their devices. You just have to visit our official website ( and choose your required info tool and follow the simple process.

Instant Results

If you do not waste your time and money by approaching for some official ways for getting details from sim databases by government organizations, then choose our platform “Pak Sim data”. We will give you results just within a few seconds after the submission of the required details.

Free to use

The best feature of using the CNIC tracker by Pak Sim Data is that it charged nothing for its use. Additionally, you can use it as many times as you required.

Guidelines for using CNIC Tracker

One just has to take steps according to the given instructions below, for using our info tool “CNIC Tracker”

  1. Open “Pak Sim data” on your smart mobile phone or laptop using a browser.
  2. When the home page for our website opens, select the option for “CNIC Tracker”
  3. Now enter, the CNIC card number (13digit code without hyphen) in a space field and press “Submit”
  4. After a while, you will get results on your screen.


Pak sim data provides a one-stop platform with multiple info tools that are free to use for every Pakistani citizen from any city at any time. It also offers a service for various live tracker tools, which CNIC Tracker is prominent because of the features it provides to users. It comprises a huge database for CNIC cardholders in Pakistan. Through this article, you will be able to learn the procedure of using “CNIC Tracker”. It is very simpler to use even for beginners. You can get the most accurate results by using Pak sim data as we regularly update our system to provide our users with upgraded information.