Sim Tracker

Are looking for a solution to track mobile numbers? Pak Sim Data is providing an info tool for “Sim Tracker” free of cost. With the help of this tool, you can easily trace a mobile number and details against that sim card number. One can get to know the name of the owner, address, CNIC number, and location in Pakistan only. Pak Sim Data provides a web search engine for the sim database in every city of Pakistan. It facilitates their users with easy to use interface so clients can use these tools more efficiently.

How does the info tool “Sim Tracker” Works?

Pak Sim Data facilitates with the search tool “Sim Tracker” using which you can easily track several numbers in detail without paying from their sim database online. One can easily monitor the personal information associated with those sim cards. Why use a “sim tracker”? If you are receiving calls from an unknown source, by using a sim tracker, you can easily disclose the information for that individual making it easier for you to take action against them. In addition, you can also track details for the sim card of your loved ones or close relationships.

In terms of legal entities or corporate businesses, they can use “Sim Tracker” for acquiring data for thousands of sim users for the purpose of marketing or can use it for keeping records of their workers and clients. Thus, making it helpful for every individual to some extent. One of the distinct features of Pak sim Data is it ensures you provide a real-time sim database online. You can get information just within moments without waste of time making it easier for you to sort out your troubles. Hence, Sim Tracker is useful in various ways for you.

Additionally, the sim tracker info tool is not a paid tool, so every citizen of Pakistan can use it without any inconvenience. We also keep our sim database online up-to-date, so our users have access to the latest sim owners' detail.

How you can use “Sim Tracker”?

You do not need to do any preparations for using this tool, as you just need a device with a good internet connection. As Pak Sim Data manages to provide an easier process for using their tools by users. One just has to follow the simple guidelines

  1. In the first step, you need to open any browser on your device and then type the website address for “Pak Sim Data” to submit. No limits are set for users, thus you can use it in a way.
  2. Then the Home page will be shown on your screen, from where you have to click on “Sim Tracker”.
  3. Now you have to enter the mobile number of the sim owner for whom you have to track information in the given box (according to the given instructions).
  4. In the last step, press “enter”, and wait for a while, soon you will receive results on your screen.

What type of Data will you receive from the “Sim tracker”?

Pak Sim Data developed their search engine keeping in view their user's needs. They collect their sim data from several sources, so we have a comprehensive web directory with millions of sim owners' detail. Moreover, the following kind of crucial details you can get from our sim tracker info tool.

Name of Sim owner: As a result, firstly you will get the name of the sim owner who owns it. Thus, you can verify it.

Identity card Number (CNIC): It also provides the CNIC number of a person, thus you can easily track the person who is teasing or threatening you from an unknown source. Making it easier for you to take the next step against that individual.

Address of sim owner: Another important piece of information that you will get from the sim tracker tool, is the address of the sim owner. It will be helpful for the geographical tracking of individuals, especially in the case of suspects and criminals.

Advantages of using “Sim Tracker”

Pak Sim Data offers a wide range of search info tools in all of Pakistan. They provide the most helpful and powerful info tools to all citizens. Some of its advantages are explained below.

No Payments required

One does not need to pay by any subscriptions or to pay charges for using info tools by Pak Sim Data. However, our tool is free but we make it 100% ensure to provide a quality sim database to our users with more accuracy.

Quicker & Easier

If you want to acquire information from an official source like for government telecom related organizations, this process will take several days to get completed, maybe more. Alternatively, Pak sim data provides a quicker and simpler method for accessing sim information details, for the sim tracker. You will get results instantly by using a sim tracker.

No need for installation

They are many other sites that you need to first get installed on your device. Whether for using Pak sim data info tools you do require any installation procedure. You just have to follow simple steps to proceed to access the sim database online for retrieving information for the sim tracker. You just needed a smart device and an Internet server.

Safe & secure

We keep strict monitoring on the use of our sim database as it contains sensitive and crucial information for individuals. Thus, we also keep our user's information safe and secure by providing an advanced system of encryption, so no third party can make use of your personal information.

How do I track my own sim card?

In case of a lost mobile phone or stolen sim card, you can use a sim tracker to block the stolen sim so no one can use it illegally or for crime purposes. By using a sim tracker, you will be able to learn geoloaction for your mobile phone to trace it.

Is it possible to track the switched-off sim?

No, it is not possible to track a sim, which is stitched off. As the tracking, system does not allow us to get connected with the eco-system for tracing the sim card. Online those sims can be traced which are currently in the active status mode.


In conclusion to the above discussion, you will learn about info tools service provided by Pak sim data. A brief introduction to sim tracker, and the purpose of using sim tracker. You will also get to learn the procedure for using a sim tracker by simple guidelines. In addition, one will be able to get awareness of features of sim tracker tools offered by Pak sim data. We provide the best ways to track a sim by using mobile numbers across Pakistan.